10 Tips for Solo Female Travelling

Ladies – have you ever thought of venturing out and discovering the world all by yourself? Indulging in new experiences and being your own boss? We bet some of you have!


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Solo travelling can be incredibly liberating and exciting and its not-to-be-missed! With some street smarts and planning, you’ll be good to go! Here is a list of things you can do to make those solo journeys memorable and rewarding.

1. Just go with the flow

Get quirky, have fun! Dive through shipwrecks, trek through the jungles, jump off a cliff!

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2. Get off the beaten track

What can be more exciting than discovering something about a place that you didn’t read or hear about?!


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3. Beat those Solo Blues

If you get all low and lonely during your trip, we feel you! Nothing beats loneliness more than just plugging in some music or reading a book..


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4. Get around in public transport

Sure, cabs are convenient or whatever. But when you’re someplace not native to you, there is absolutely nothing more satisfying than soaking into the local culture and lifestyle. Trust us!


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5. Consider alternate accommodations

You don’t want to hole up in a hotel room when you’re travelling alone, do you? Try out hostels or staying with the locals at B&Bs instead!


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6.Blend in with the locals

Sure, standing out gives you an edge. But seamlessly blending in with locals helps get a whole different experience gives you a chance to play dress-up! 😉


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7. Pack light

No, you’re not going to be able to whine or puppy-eye your way into getting someone else carry your bags. Be well prepared to lug your own luggage everywhere you go.


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8. Learn some self-defense moves

For those moments when you feel like punching the living daylights out of someone, this tip sure will come in handy. You certainly can’t downplay the possibilities of harassment and mugging now, can you?!


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9. Leave a Crumb Trail

What’s worse than getting lost and knowing no one is going to come to your rescue because they have no clue that something is wrong with you! You know what to do. Keep your folks informed!


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10. Lie a little

This little tip serves well in warding off all those creepy strangers. Have an alter ego just go “I’m waiting for a friend here. He should be in anytime now” and you’ll be just fine.


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Most important of all, embrace this journey. You’ll probably go through a roller coaster ride, but one thing is for sure – you’ll have tons of fun while you’re at it and collect experiences that will last a lifetime!  Go on..venture out! Bon voyage!


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