4 Steve Jobs Mantras That Are Worth Living By

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Hearts all over the world broke (and not from romantic trauma) when Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011. Today, after 5 years, his visionary genius is still as revered as the company he co-founded – Apple. A company that continues to make products that continually push out the boundaries of user-intuitiveness and stellar design. Here are a few well-chosen mantras from the life and times of Steve Jobs.
A broad set of experiences is necessary for creativity to flourish. For Jobs, those experiences were a visit to India in the 70s and dropping in on a college calligraphy course.


Whatever your breaks from the set path are, take them. Because they will give your work subtext and richness.

Don’t let anything drown out your inner voice. The choices of modern day living almost always run counter to what we intuitively feel is the right path of us.


You feel you would be better graduating in Economics? But your parents say ‘No! Sit for your engineering entrance’, and so you proceed to 4 miserable years of study (thank God for booze!)

You become to company you keep. Hone your bozo radar. And stay actively vigilant against surrounding yourself with negative or foolish people.

Those we choose to surround ourselves with, have a great bearing on how well we thrive. So, get with people who have great game, because they in turn will improve yours.

Live every day like it was your last. We’ve all heard this at various points, in some form or another.


Apply it to your life. If you’re hearing a “no” from yourself too many days in a row, maybe a sabbatical and a rethink are in order.

The key take-away really, from Jobs’ life – is to be your authentic self. It seems self-explanatory: wake up and do what you want to do, without fear of judgement. But that’s not how things work, we tend to stifle our authentic selves to fit into situations, marriages, jobs or a certain ‘it’ crowd. Becoming authentic is an individual mission, and unique to each person. It’s a hard and never-ending process, because your identity is constantly evolving. But the payoff is a happier, more creative self.

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