5 life hacks that will change your life

Life hacks are those simple tricks that can make your life a whole lot more convenient with the simplest of solutions. Here are a couple of life hacks to get you started.

1) Louder alarm
The hardest part of most of our days is waking up in the morning. We keep trying to avoid it by snoozing our alarms or hiding it under our pillows. There’s always an excuse to sleep some more but there’s one way to beat that. Set your alarm on your phone and keep it in a cup at the other end of your room. You’ll end up having a very loud alarm and would physically have to walk to your phone to turn it off.



2) Delay those outgoing emails by 30 seconds
Remember that time you sent out a mail and realised you made an error in the mail only after it had been already sent? This is an issue that a lot of us face. By delaying your outgoing mails by 30 seconds you get the time to proofread your mail and even make changes to it to save yourself the embarrassment of a disastrous email. This feature can be found in your mail settings and is called undo send.




3) Sleepless nightsIn this day and age with screens taking over our lives it becomes very difficult to sleep without checking our phones first. Constant interaction with these devices makes it a lot harder to fall asleep, leading to insomnia. Here’s a quick hack to fix that; try the 4-7-8 technique. Take a deep breath for 4 seconds, hold it in for 7 seconds and then exhale for 8 seconds. Repeat this a couple of times and you’ll be fast asleep before you know it.



4) Mosquito bites

With the monsoon upon us there are currently a lot of mosquitos roaming around. In spite of all the precautions we take we eventually end up bitten. What then follows is a lot of itching and scratching which makes for a very uncomfortable situation. The best way to counteract a mosquito bite is to place a hot spoon over the affected area. The heat will destroy the protein which is causing the itching.



5) Dirty keyboards
Working on laptops for long hours every day lead to dirty keyboards. It’s something that we know exists but never really acknowledge saying we’ll do it eventually. The best way to clean a keyboard is to run the sticky side of a post it note between the keys of the keyboard. It’ll clear out all the dust leaving it looking as good as new.

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