5 Reasons Working Out in The Morning Will Change Your Life

Working out in the Morning or WOITM is a living, breathing person, and is looking to change a few lives by offering people its unforgettable, rewarding friendship. Here’s why you should join the cue.

  1. Gets you in shape

shutterstock_363373628  It can be difficult to achieve much more in the morning than getting out of bed, especially for night owls. Sometimes, you need a little help, and WOITM can be the friend you need indeed.

WOITM aids with weight loss by using the stored fats in your body as fuel, since you are on an empty stomach, and thereby burning more fat than say, if you were friends with Working out in the evening. Spend a few more mornings with WOITM and you’ll be looking and feeling better than ever in no time!

  1. Puts you in the zone


Did you know that exercising can increase mental clarity and brain function for up to 10 hours after working out?  No longer will you feel groggy after an hour or two of staring at the screen. Early exercise releases endorphins in your body which make you feel happier and more upbeat, so it puts you in a good mood and could even motivate you to work harder! It will also leave you with more time to start planning the day. So, say bye to the morning blues and embrace happier mornings with your new friend.

  1. Helps you eat healthier


WOITM helps you get into the zone for the day! It helps you build up an appetite, thus reducing the chance you’ll skip breakfast and binge on unhealthy snacks. You will also be tempted to drink more water, which helps you feel full and satisfied rather than starving for a few hours and then gorging on a take-out menu. It could even help you save some money!


  1. Enhances your metabolism


You know those people who eat whatever they want, whenever they want, without putting on any weight, just because they have good metabolism? Well, they probably have WOITM on their Facebook friends list.

WOITM can help amp up your metabolism, making it easier for your body to digest meals and maintain healthy bowel functions. This means you will feel more energetic than ever and put on weight slower. Also, since the body has a lot of energy in the morning, you will be able to add more intensity to your workout.

  1. Makes it easier to stay on track-


Tired of your friends making plans when it is time for you to hit the gym? WOITM isn’t needy or persistent or selfish! WOITM knows that you could have other plans during the latter part of the day and gives you what you need without messing around with your schedule. It also makes sure that there is no room for excuses, thus reducing the chances that you will go a whole day without exercise, even if you’re on holiday!

To make your dreams come true, you need energy- to work hard, to travel the world, to have a family! And energy comes from being healthy, so we support your effort to get fit! After all, when there’s so much more to be, #WhyStopHere?”

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