5 unsung heroes of India

Independence Day is the day we celebrate freedom. Alongside many unsung heroes of war, we would like to use this opportunity to highlight some of the brave men and women of India who have all fought for the cause they truly believe in.

Brigadier Kuldip Singh Chandpuri- The war hero

In the battle of Longewala which took place on December 4-5, 1971, Brigadier Kuldip led a team of soldiers of the Indian Army to fight against a Pakistani ambush. He went from bunker to bunker motivating and inspiring the team to fight till back up arrived. He was honoured with the Mahavir Chakra by the Indian Army for his bravery. The movie Border is based on this.


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Anandibai Joshi- First woman doctor from India
Anandibai beat social norms and with a supportive husband pursued her dreams of becoming a doctor. She trained in western medicine, claiming her to be the first female of Indian origin to graduate with a degree in medicine in the United States. She even won a scholarship of $ 600/- for three years. Her dissertation was on “Obstetrics among the Hindu Aryans.” And to top it all, she even has a crater on Venus named after her.


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Ritu Biyani- Spreading breast cancer awareness
After overcoming breast cancer in 2006, Dr. Ritu Biyani took it upon herself to tour the country and educate both rural and urban men & women about the effects of breast cancer, misconceptions they may have about it and how to avoid it.


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Daripalli Ramaiah- planted 10 million trees

This man shouldered the responsibility of a greener India by planting a tree wherever he now sees a barren space of land. And yes, he does carry seeds in his pocket so he will not miss an opportunity! Daripalli is fighting for a greener future by selflessly planting green cover for the next generation to benefit.


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Rani Gaidinliu- led a revolt against the British
Gaidinliu is a Naga spiritual leader and a political leader that followed a religious movement called Heraka. This later turned into a political movement that aimed to drive the British out of Naga territories. She was arrested at the age of 16 and 5 years later, Nehru promised to help in her release, giving her the title ‘Rani’ in honour of her bravery.

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