DIY Décor Ideas to amp up your Diwali celebrations

Your Diwali preparations look on point.

Clothes: Check; Sweets: Distributed; Good food: Stocked; A well decked home: Whoops!

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. All you need is some Diwali razzmatazz. Here we are with some insanely creative ways to add sparkle to your little cozy home this Diwali!

You’re going to want to try these!

Skip the powder rangoli this Diwali. 


Image credits: Pixabay

A schmancy rangoli hand-drawn on cardboard is all it takes to kick the deco up a notch!

Make your own diyas


Image credits: Pixabay

 A DIY diya is just a paint stroke away! Some recycleable glass jars, small candles, and some splattered paints and you’re good to go. Easy peasy!

Re-purpose those old-fashioned string lights


Image credits: Pixabay

Regular string lights? BORING. Diwali calls for some added zing! Just wrap glue-dipped candle wick round a balloon to give it shape and then go pop!

Now for the walls


Image credits: Pixabay

This deco tip goes a long wayyy beyond Diwali. Really. A brush dipped in gold paint and you have yourself some zany patterns on the wall.

Finish off the festive vibe with some paper torans

1Image credits: Pixabay

What’s Diwali without torans? Colored sheets create a great base for paper flowers! Just fashion them out like a regular toran on a string!




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