The Best Travel Gear to Put on your Radar

Sometimes, all you wanna do is stick a pair of clothes and essentials that will be your saving grace and set off to fuel your wanderlust. At other times, you’ll want thoughtfully created travel gear to keep out little annoyances that you don’t wanna deal with.

Yeah. Those times are better.

Luckily for you, we have put together THE ULTIMATE list of travel gear that will keep you well covered. And a lot more. (Not bad company to be in, we’d say)

You can thank us later.

Weekender Bags

sandals-691364  Image credits: Pixabay

An impromptu 48-hour trip serving your spontaneous travel fantasies? This is what you should be packing into.

Travel hammocks


Image credits: Pixabay

For your mid-air napping needs. Ideal between trees, rocks, signposts, or wherever else you want it as long as you have your hammock suspension needs all figured out.

Electronic luggage scale


Image credits: Pexels

Yes, your luggage has been parading around as lighter than it is for a while now, but it won’t fool the weighing machine at the airport. These things are portable and all set to put a full stop to your travel nightmares.

Inflatable hoodie pillow


Image credits: Pixabay

For when you need that downtime in your zen zone while you’re on the go, a few puffs of air and you get sore necks no more.

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker


Image credits: Pixabay

Because, well, travelling without a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is just not as good as travelling with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Music to your ears (quite literally) at the pool. Or in the Jacuzzi.


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