The Greatest Photography Hacks of All Time


Here’s the thing about photography.

It’s pretty easy to take up.

Provided you are armed with a camera, happy accidents, and tons of photo editor apps. Isn’t everybody in the whole wide world?

But they don’t have what we are about to give you! Didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

Yeah, us neither.

So here we are, again, infusing some awesomeness in your life with kickass photography hacks that will turbo-boost your creativity and kick your pictures up a notch!

Vintage winner

Vaseline is your friend. Take it from us. A clean plastic and a little smear of Vaseline is all it takes for an uber-cool slash vintage blur filter for your photos. Now how cool is that!


Image credits: Pixabay

Little foil, lots of bright                       

Those wretched shadows!! Bah. Nothing can destroy those little spots of darkness quite like well, extra lighting. But we did say that we are all about awesome, yea? So, here comes aluminum foil (masquerading as a reflector) to your rescue!


Image credits: Pixabay

Sparkle unlimited

This one will makes your hairs stand on end. Some construction paper cut out into pretty pretty shapes and secured onto your lens and that right there is heaven!


Image credits: Pixabay

Illumination redefined

Nah. You don’t need those fancy schmancy light boxes. We betcha! Good ol’ natural lighting from a window and a white sheet of paper behind your target and you get all the illumination you need.


Image credits: Pixabay

Color, perfected

How about some colored lights without some colored bulbs? This one’s actually a no-brainer. Till of course you add a twist to it. Clip translucent colored film onto your table lamps and instead of covering it all over, do just a bit. And you have this!


Image credits: Pexels


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