The Perfect Balance Between Work and Life

234One Saturday evening as I spent yet another week in the cubicle, I wondered when had I lost myself in this 9-5 corporate jungle. I was tired and was feeling demotivated. As my boss slipped a paper on my desk, I thought it was yet some more work for the day. But as I took a closer look at the paper I realized that it was a recipe (I wasn’t surprised because boss was known to be a good cook). He told me that it was a recipe that he had accidently whipped up. And he was sharing it with me because he felt like I needed this more than ever before. It was a recipe to the perfect balance between work and life.
Since that day, I have never looked back. The recipe changed my life and today I would like to share the secret with the world. So, here’s what goes into the mix:
1. A slice of life from your carefree days
2. A pinch of aspirations and dreams that have been forgotten
3. 1/2 a teaspoon of ‘no’
4. A few drops of togetherness
5. Impulsiveness to taste
1.Take a slice of life. Pick your phone up and make a plan with your friends from college or meet your sibling over a beer or simply gaze at the stars with your wife. With that you have added a slice of carefree days to the mix.
2. Let it simmer a little bit. Now get those old studs out , so that you can hit the local football arena or get those paint brushes out. This is so that your evenings after work can be an ode to all your long lost hobbies. With that you have added a pinch of aspirations and dreams that have been forgotten.
3. Keep stirring. Now it is time to say no to insane work hours. It is okay to say no to work as long as you’re meeting deadlines (the realistic ones at least). By drawing a line between your personal time and your office hours you have added 1/2 a teaspoon of ‘no’.
4. Let it rest for a while. Now book your tickets so that you can surprise your family the next time a long weekend is around the corner with that you have added a few drops of togetherness.
5. Turn up the heat. Pick up your TVS Wego and take your partner out for a romantic meal or go on a movie date together, just like old times. And remember the only rule is: Don’t use your mobile phone. With this you can finish your dish with some drizzling of love.

Boom! You have the recipe to achieving the perfect work and life balance. So it’s time to live it up!

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