Unique and Diverse: A Peek into How Dussehra is Celebrated All Over India

Come Dussehra and the whole of India lights up celebrating the victory of good over evil in a stunning display of ceremonial splendor. While we are familiar with the burning of the effigy of Ravana, did you know that while the essence of the festival remains the same, the varied legends lend a different angle to the festivities all over India – making each celebration a unique spectacle. Here are some of them!

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Tamil Nadu

Fancy going back to those golden years and reveling in all those childhood memories? Then Tamil Nadu is the place to be during Dusshera whether you want to indulging in toys or play dress-up. Take your pick!

Golu is a manifestation of storytelling in the most imaginative ways possible with brightly painted clay dolls and toys. It is bound to bring out the kid in you!

However, if costumes are your thing, the Mutharamman Temple is quite a sight as people come dressed in a myriad of avatars such as the Devi’s, beggars, monkeys, and demons. It doesn’t end there. Once you don the avatar, you are supposed to beg as it is said to reduce ego!



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With festivities going back 400 years in the erstwhile kingdom of Mysore, Dussehra brings the city alive with The Mysore Palace taking center stage with its spectacular illumination!

What’s more, the city witnesses massive fireworks and richly bedecked elephants parading through the labyrinths of the city which are as splendidly decorated!


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In Kashmir and other northern states such as Haryana and UP barley shoots are reaped and placed by men behind their ears as a symbol of luck. And that isn’t all! Effigies filled with phosphorous based firecrackers are set ablaze as they are believed to purify the atmosphere and rid winter-induced infections. And to think that we were adding to pollution by burning effigies!



Heard the saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? Now imagine a ceremony that symbolically counters that! People wish their friends and family lots of prosperity by exchanging Apta leaves that symbolize gold during Dusshera. We bet you’re wishing that was realistically possible.

Yet another interesting ceremony observed is Simollanghan, where people cross the border of their community to bring home the message of new beginnings!

West Bengal


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West Bengal is all carnivalesque during Dussehra bringing out the fervor and excitement!  On the last day of the Durga Pooja, married women smear each other and the Goddess idols with sindoor to usher in affability among them. Reminds us of Holi, doesn’t it?


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Dussehra is just a couple days away! Are you thinking what we are thinking? It’d be a good time to get on your TVS Wego and set off to these destinations!

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