All you need to know about Body Balance Technology

How would you like it if your scooter were more stable, easier to handle, turned better on tight corners, and made every journey more comfortable? Sounds like the perfect ride, doesn’t it? That’s what the TVS Wego is. All thanks to its Body Balance Technology. Let us tell you more.

What is it?

Body Balance Technology is a collective term for all the smart improvements made in the TVS Wego that lead to better balance and handling compared to other scooters. This, in turn, provides more stability on the road.

So what are these improvments?

Ideal centre of gravity (CG)

In most other scooters the centre of gravity doesn't lie in the centre. Sily, right? Well, that's not so with the TVS Wego, where it is right in the middle and aligned perfectly with your centre of mass. This ensures you have perfect control.

Forward centre of mass

In the TVS Wego, the centre of mass of the vehicle is a little towards the front, unlike in other scooters. This improves stability and braking.

Central engine placement

If you’ve seen a scooter opened up, you’d know that the engine is usually on the right side, which makes that side of the scooter heavier. But that’s not the case in the TVS Wego. Here the engine has been centrally placed, which imparts perfect side-to-side balance and better control on the road.

Larger Wheels

The TVS Wego sports 12-inch wheels, both front and rear. Larger wheels are better at absorbing shocks while passing over small potholes and irregularities on the road when compared to regular 10-inch wheels. It also improves the scooter’s straight-line drive, which is why the TVS Wego is the perfect choice for longer rides as well.

Longer wheelbase

Long wheelbase of 1275mm gives added stability even at lower speeds.

Small turning radius

A turning radius of just 1910mm helps you manoeuvre the scooter easily through even the narrowest streets.

No compromise on ground clearance

Despite all these changes, there’s no change in the ground clearance of the TVS Wego, so you get a comfortable and safe ride every time.

When you can have a scooter this smart, #WhyStopHere? Go take a test ride at your nearest TVS showroom and check out the TVS Wego for yourself!